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Winter bike trails


Information about slopes & lifts

Tallest hills of Kainuu

Our 15 slopes and 3 parks offer endless, fun rides for all skill levels. The five ski lifts take the skiers up the slopes, two of them all the way to the top at 170 meters. All our slopes are wide enough to ensure safety and the longest slope is 1,400 meters long. Navigating from one slope to another is easy and convenient.

Halla Snow Parks are designed for the daredevils both on skis and snowboards. Junior Snow Park, Jib Snow Park and Halla Snow Park are considered some of the best parks in Finland, because they are safe, versatile, and suitable for both young and experienced tricksters.

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Winter biking

Cycling in winter is not only possible, but also fun! The best weather for winter cycling is a sunny day with a little frost, but cycling in the dark with the light of a headlamp under the northern lights also has its own charm. An electric bike is an excellent choice for cycling in winter.


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Towards a carbon neutral ski resort

We are working hard to reduce our carbon footprint. The ski resort is running completely on renewable energy, the efficiency of snowmaking has been improved and we have put efforts in recycling, not to forget the social and governencial responsibility.

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How to get to Ukkohalla

Ukkohalla is located in the municipality of Hyrynsalmi in Arctic Lakeland, 90 km north of Kajaani. Traveling to Ukkohalla is easy and convenient, whether you arrive by train, bus, airplane or car. There are several transport options from Oulu, Kajaani and Kuusamo airports. Whatever your mode of transport you choose, Ukkohalla is easy to reach!

Distances to Ukkohalla
Kajaani 90 km, Oulu 170 km, Kuusamo 180 km, Kuopio 260 km, Tampere 550 km, Helsinki 650 km