Ukkohallan talvimaisema



Arrival to Ukkohalla

Arriving in Ukkohalla is easy and fast. The Ukkohalla Ski Resort is located in Ylä-Kainuu, the most snow guaranteed area of Finland. The central location is easy to reach even from the south, and you can get to us faster than many other ski resorts.

The journey to Ukkohalla is most easily made with your own car or by using train and air connections. In winter, you can take advantage of SkiBus operating from Oulu or rent your own car.

By vacationing in Ukkohalla, you save valuable time that you would otherwise spend traveling.

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By car

Although you can get by without your own car, it can sometimes be the best option. If you want to take advantage of other connections, you can also rent a car at, for example, Oulu train or airport or Kajaani airport or train station and combine driving with other means of transport. 


Kajaani – Ukkohalla 90 km
Kuopio – Ukkohalla 260 km
Oulu – Ukkohalla 170 km
Helsinki – Ukkohalla 650 km



The SkiBus operated from Oulu to Ukkohalla every Saturday during winter season. During holidays extra shifts apply. Check out the bus schedule and book you seat and you get a discounted lift ticket.

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By train

Rail transport is the most energy-efficient and low-emission mode of transport, and we recommend using the train when traveling to Ukkohalla. You can easily get to Kajaani by train and from there by taxi or rental car. Rent a hybrid car from Hertz and they will transport the car to the parking lot next to the train station. Several trains arrive in Kajaani every day. 

You can also take the car train to Oulu, from where it takes approx. 2 hours to Ukkohalla Ski Resort.  You can find more information about the car train and train timetables on VR’s website.


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By plain

Finnair operates the Helsinki-Kajaani route six days a week during the winter season 23/24. From the airport, you can conveniently rent a car or order a taxi to get to Ukkohalla. 

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